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be extremely careful of the lcd screen of iphone 3g

The iPhones have become the hottest craze among the tech savvy modern generation. Perhaps this is one gadget that every techie wants to have today. It is now available in three different models and each of them is somewhat different from the others. Both the 2G and the 3G model has become successfully popular in the Smartphone market. This 3G model of the Apple’s iPhone is really a great one.

iPhone 3G has a great looking LCD screen which is quite big in size. The sleek and stylish model has successfully attracted a huge number of users and still it is attractive every now and then. The iPhone 3G LCD screen is made of a special type of glass which has given the device a real stunning look. That is why it’s important to take a good care of it to maintain the brilliant look. However, it can definitely be replaced if the screen is damaged somehow.

You should be extremely careful while replacing the iPhone 3G LCD screen. Obviously it is not advisable that you do some self experimentation with it. Better you seek the help of an expert who tackle such devices every now and then.

There are some cables which are attached to the iPhone 3G LCD. Each of these cables has a definite role and that has to be understood well before going for any repairing. Unless you can get your iPhone screen black or nonfunctional. Along with this LCD screen, the malfunctioning of these cable network can cause the problems in your iPhone. They are intimately related & connected to the screen direct or indirectly.

There is a cable that connects the screen to the motherboard of the phone. If this cable does not function properly the touch screen function of the phone might be vanished. There is a cable which connects the iPhone 3G LCD with its motherboard. If this cable is disconnected in any way, the LCD stop functioning and actually would go completely black. In some other cases if the phone is dropped, the liquid crystals present in the LCD screen might turn white.

There are also a lot of other cables which if disconnected can harm the phone terribly. However the fantastic LCD screen in iPhone 3G has helped in iPhone app development, especially the media apps like high definition games etc.

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