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apple iphone5 will be released in summer

According to foreign analysts in the latest report, Apple will plan to launch iPhone5 and Apple TV product in the second half of this year, the report said that iPhone5 is one of the largest in the history of mobile phone product launching event, at the same time revealing that iPhone5 will thinner than iPhone4S about 20%, screen size increased to 4 inches.

The analyst from Jefferies& Peter Misek reporting, analysis of Apple’s supplier system in the upper reaches. Report noted that apples to Taiwan Chen Hong technology capacitive screen business ordered to be reduced, this is likely to mean that new iPhone5 will use in-cell new LCD screen, LCD screen integrated touch functionality, which will at least for iPhone thickness reduced by more than 20%.

By tracing the performance expectations of the other suppliers, Peter Misek found that major suppliers orders have increased dramatically in the third quarter, may meet the production capacity of 5,000 to 60 million iPhone, Peter Misek concluded that the iPhone5 will become first supply of one of the largest in the history of mobile phone new phone launch.

Peter Misek analysis pointed out that traditional TV manufacturers, such as Samsung has cut TV shipments expected in the future. AU Optronics said on a conference call, new products and technologies will be launched in the second half of this year, will stimulate the market need for TV, double-digit growth is expected to occur. Time Warner Cable television network also said that the new TV product will emerge in the second half of this year, the company has technical and content preparation for this product. Peter Misek analysis, these signs may indicate that the legend of the Apple TV, will be released in the second half of the year, Time Warner is likely to be Apple’s first television content partners. What is more, now more and more mobile phone manufacturers have launched cheap iphone4 cases, such as cool iphone4 cases, leather iphone4 cases, unique iphone4 cases and so on.

Peter Misek set Apple stock target price at $ 800 price, and recommended a “buy”, he also expected Apple’s revenues exceeded $ 167 billion this fiscal year, and analysts ‘ average expectations of Apple’s performance was $ 163 billion.

Apple on April 28, the low-key downgrade iPhone4 China 8GB price, which seemed to mean that Apple ready to clean up iPhone4 inventory, prepare for the new iPhone5 publications listed.

Apple plans to launch iPhone5 on 2012WWDC Apple Worldwide Developers Conference that held on June 11, in accordance with the iPhone3G, iPhone3GS, iPhone4 practices, Apple will release new iPhone at the WWDC Conference. But in the past year, WWDC Conference publishing of iPhone4S was not in June as scheduled, but postponed until October to publishing of iPhone4S appearance has not changed. This leads to expectations about the Apple released new iPhone June WWDC Conference this year, controversy clearly.

Widely seen as earlier, iPhone4S listed time is too short, if Apple is routinely released in June new iPhone5, will shorten the life of iPhone4S period, iPhone5 analysis generally believe that the next generation will be along the following the publishing of iPhone4S, deferred until the publication in the second half.

But Apple’s sudden low profile downgrade iPhone4 8GB price, seemed to imply that Apple intends to clean up iPhone4 8GB version in stock. In this way, shape and parts of iPhone4S with height and iPhone4 General, then even if the next generation of iPhone5 are still posted on the Apple WWDC Conference in June, iPhone4S can still launch version 8GB, continue to sell.

Think of many analysts, Apple Taiwan upstream supply chain of message, and that Apple plans to purchase about $ 500.06 billion in the third quarter the next generation of iPhone5, than conventional analysts think Apple in weapons procurement, to ensure that the next generation iPhone market supply. But if Apple released in June new iPhone5, 500.06 billion orders, should be just when Apple released new iPhone sales in the first quarter.

Announcement of the next-generation iPhone when, let us wait for Apple, give us the answer.

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