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Apple iPhone equipped with iOS 7 or early to mid this year

Chuan Apple iPhone equipped with iOS 7 or early to mid this year
Phoenix FRANCISCO, Jan. 2, according to foreign technology blog The Next Web reports that provided by the developers of the application development log shows that Apple is currently being tested for its next generation mobile operating system for smart phones and tablet PCs – -iOS 7, has launched its next-generation iPhone, testing.

According to one developer said Apple has to test an internal ID “iPhone6, 1” of the product, the product equipped with iOS 7 operating system, Apple is expected to release this product in the middle of this year. Apple’s current flagship product – iPhone 5 developers log labeled “iPhone5, 1” and “The iPhone 5,2” This implies that Apple is testing a new hardware products.

You can see from the developers log the IP address from the request of some popular applications in the App Store on Apple’s Cupertino headquarters, showed that Apple’s software development and applications team is testing for a system more popular or well-known application the compatibility of the program.

Despite some rumors about the Apple operating system and device data may not be real, but a unique IP address to Apple headquarters, so we believe that this news is not groundless.

Developers in its development log did not provide specific details of Apple’s operating system and hardware products, but sources pointed out that at the end of 2012, Apple launched a new version of iOS R & D, and soon set the initial public offering of some of the new features of the version.

In the past, Apple developers usually WWDC annual conference held each year in San Francisco in June released a major upgrade of its operating system; And in the past two years, Apple has been released in the autumn of the new iPhone. However, the information provided by the developer log shows this year, Apple may be ahead of the release of this product.

Previously there reported that Apple plans to release its next-generation iPhone, in June or July this year, but it is reported that this product for the iPhone 5S “. (Compile / Flow)

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