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So how exactly does that actually work you are wondering?
at Biddnbuy we now have auctions that usually start about 1 per hour. The item price always starts from $0.00, each time someone bids about the item the current bet cost just raises through $0.01 (1 cent). There is a cooking timer counting off to the online auctions finish, whenever a bid is positioned if the timer offers under Just a few seconds remaining the actual cooking timer may have 15 seconds added on to it. For instance: the timer only has 10 seconds remaining and you have simply positioned an offer, the actual cooking timer is now arranged to 15 mere seconds. Once the cooking timer gets to Zero and there are no more prices for bids positioned the present greatest prospective buyer wins which item for the price of the present bet which is usually no more than 10% from the list value.

When you initially register you will instantly obtain 10 totally free prices for bids only for signing up. Should you desire you may purchase additional prices for bids (bidd packages) anytime in the price of $0.50 for each bet. A few examples of bidd deals tend to be: Forty prices for bids with regard to $20.00, 100 bids with regard to $50.00 and so on… You’ll find bidd deals in the left menu of your dashboard display.

If you purchase bids prior to 08/20/2010 we’ll give you one more 20% Totally free Prices for bids. DSo what are you awaiting? Have that brand new apple ipad 3rd generation, iPhone 4, Mac laptop Professional, Xbox 360 console 250GB, PS3 Slender or even giant screen Brought Television today as well as save big.

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