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apple iphone 3gs – a revolution in smartphones

The Apple iPhone 3GS is a developed version built from the iPhone 3G. According to Apple, the iPhone 3GS is twice faster in everything as compared to the predecessor. With the new processor, the iPhone 3GS is sure to become the most intelligent and powerful gadget to have. The iPhone 3GS also boasts improved 3D graphics for better display and gaming experience.

A notable Apple iPhone 3GS feature is the enhancement in the camera. From the 2 MP camera in 3G version, the Apple iPhone 3GS has a powerful 3 megapixel camera. This comes attached with an intelligent autofocus function and advanced geo-tagging. The video recording feature is highly advanced with live video editing capabilities built in the iPhone 3GS.

The best of the Apple iPhone 3GS features has always been the fast 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity. No matter where you are, you can always remain connected thanks to this great feature. The 3G connection also lets you view videos on YouTube, browse lots of websites on Safari just like you would do on a normal computer, connect to your friends via lots of social network sites etc. The Apple iPhone 3GS has in-built Maps and Compass that can help you find your way almost anywhere.

A regular feature on almost every Apple product has been the Spotlight Search. This has been incorporated in the iPhone 3GS too, which lets you find almost anything on your iPhone be it in emails, messages, documents, notes etc. The Search also lets you find files in the built-in iPod.

Messaging gets a new look with the threaded-message feature. This means every SMS is now a conversation rather than the old boring message. Accelerometers orient the display in landscape or portrait formats. The large landscape QWERTY definitely is a huge plus as it helps in faster, comfortable and better messaging or typing experience. You can even zoom-in on web pages for enhanced view.

The Apple iPhone 3GS boasts a new Voice Control feature. Making calls, opening files etc. become easier with voice commands through this voice control feature. All you need to do is just say the name of the person or the file and the call is made or the file opened! Sure saves a lot of time tapping!

Additional features on the Apple iPhone 3GS include the powerful Notes and Pages applications that let you create professional documents on the fly. Connecting the iPhone 3GS to your system is simple and you can transfer files quite easily. The iPhone 3GS comes in 16 GB and 32 GB variants and thus provides a huge storage capability.

The Apple iPhone 3GS release was one of the most spectacular happenings. The Apple iPhone 3GS price ranges at ?52.39 for the 16 GB variant and ?44.17 for the 32 GB variant. The smartphone comes in black and white skins.

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