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The iPods created a stir in the portable music player industry and the same was expected from the iPhone. This smartphone is able to grab eyes for obvious reasons but it is not the device that can do it all. The catchy thing is the sleek designing and the exceptionally good interface. The absolute reliance on the mammoth touch screen is an impressive prospect which works smoothly. The iPhone has superbly tapped on styling and the features are also good enough.

It sports a 2-megapixel camera which takes decent quality pictures. But a high priced phone should have offered a better imaging solution. It doesn capture videos but with some third party application additions it will work your way. The display is huge (3.5-inches) and the clarity is appealing, the phone is smart as it detects the way it is held and adjusts the display accordingly. This is possible because of the accelerometer on the screen which detects the screen movement. The iPhone 3G is currently available with specific operators in India priced quite high than in other countries.

The phone is similar to an iPod and has oodles of memory with its 8 GB and 16 GB variants. With this kind of extended memory you need not bother about any expansion slots or memory card hassles. The iPhone has fast internet browsing due to the 3G implant and the Wi-Fi connectivity adds to the appeal. The phone features a virtual keypad for typing and this is better than many clustered QWERTY keypads. But it can also pose a problem, as you can type with just one hand. This might be a problem for the frequent messaging users. One can forward SMS; this will get major thumbs down for the phone but by little fiddling with the software one can avail this function.

The iPhone is a true work of beauty but the features aren conventional enough. Restricting to selected networks is also a big glitch as it is limiting its user base naturally. The GPS (global positioning system) is limited to Google maps. So is the Bluetooth connectivity limited to file transfers and not supporting multimedia transfers or A2DP Bluetooth (Advance Audio Distribution Profile) for listening to wireless music. The iPhone couldn connect to computer through Bluetooth and requires the iTunes application for its recognition. This again limits your usage of Apple iPhone to different computers, as they need to have the iTunes pre-installed.

The iPhone is no-doubt a stylish marvel but there are quite basic limitations with the phone. The pricing is hefty and you need to install some third party software applications to make it run, as you want it. Nevertheless it is the talk of the town and only iPhone users would know the satisfaction in owning one.

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