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apple iphone 3g black 16gb smart phone

The iPhone 3G comes in 8GB and 16GB models and with a choice of a scratch-resistant white or black plastic backing. The iPhone 3G S measures 115.5 x 62.1 x 12.3 mm, weighs 135 gm. The new camera shoots images with a resolution of up to three mega pixels. Recordings are in macro mode now from a distance of ten centimeters possible. In addition, the new iPhone model now better photos in low light conditions provide.

Apple iPhone 3G Black is so called because it runs on the faster third generation mobile network. Think of it as broadband for phones as compared with the dial-up performance of the older 2G networks.

Important innovations mainly stuck under the hood. Thus, the new model thanks to a powerful, but not further defined processor specific tasks such as opening an email attachment to it twice as fast as the iPhone 3G. A significant speed increase, there is also the Internet connection.

The iPhone still has 802.11b and g WiFi support, but the move to 3G makes a big difference to all internet services on the iPhone, especially web browsing. The Safari browser on the iPhone has long been regarded as the best mobile browser on the market, due to its ability to display full web pages in their original layout, just as you would view them on a conventional desktop or laptop web browser.

The iPhone 3G S is entirely dependent on the touch screen interface, with virtual keypads and virtual keyboards. The user interface is quite smooth and fluid, but how good it may be, some people will find it easier to work with a real key.

Adding 3G has also helped support the addition of Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync support. Business users can now get over the air access to their Exchange calendar, address book and push email. While this will also work over GPRS, 3G offers clear advantages in terms of speed of download.

In addition to the phone and the iPod, the device comes pre-installed with several applications including those that will allow you to: surf the web, collect your emails, take and store photos, check the weather and share prices, watch You Tube videos and plot your position on the GPS enabled Google Maps feature. For more http://www.luckywirelessusa.com

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