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The high end smartphone industry is something that has changed totally in the past few years. It has to do mostly with the launch of the Apple iPhone, which created the first wave of the touch screen phones in the industry. Since then, it has been gripping the industry to such an extent that that have been nothing except touch screens in the high end smartphones of today. This has made the competition intense for the original Apple iPhone. Hence, Apple has released the iPhone 4, which will be competing in the high-end smartphone industry just as the way its original version did back in 2007.

The iPhone 4 is definitely going to be coming with a number of new features, but the screen size improvement is not one among them. This is because Apple has decided to go with the same 3.5 inch unit that has been employed in all the different versions of the Apple iPhone over the years. The technology, however, is going to be vastly different from the technology that was initially used in the Apple iPhone 3GS. It will be using the retina display technology, which is going to offer excellent resolution that has never before seen in a mobile phone. The high resolution will be exactly 960 x 640 pixels, which makes the Apple iPhone 4 one of the best mobile phones if you want extremely high resolution.

The usage of the scratch resistant surface not only applies to the touch screen display, but also for the entire phone as well. This is the most unique feature of the iPhone 4 since most of the high-end phones will be employing the scratch resistant surface only for the touch screen display. The introduction of the glass material throughout the body of the iPhone 4 is certainly a new thing amongst the high-end smartphones. This makes the iPhone 4 look very upmarket as it should be. The other major difference between the Apple iPhone 4 and the iPhone 3GS version comes about in the camera department, where there will be a new five megapixel camera on-board. This is an extremely powerful camera that is capable of high resolution images along with HD videos shooting capabilities. In addition to this extraordinary camera, there will also be a second unit that is going to support video calling feature.

It will be available via the Facetime application that is present in the iPhone 4. It will be supporting video calls, although it is going to be possible only by using the Wi-Fi network option. Other connectivity options in the iPhone 4 will include the likes of the 3G and Bluetooth. Unlike the Apple iPad, the iPhone 4 does not offer customisation in terms of the connectivity features. There is customisation option only in the internal memory feature. One can choose between the 16 GB or 32 GB memory option. The 16 GB iPhone 4 will be available for ?510, while the 32 GB iPhone 4 will retail for ?612 in the UK.

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